The Docile people and the tyrants who are leading!

"Every human has a bit of tyranny in them once they have power or access to power."

I don't have all my thoughts fully formed; however, I have seen enough to start my opinions about the average Nigerian. You might ask, to what end? Am I trying to do more damage to the already battered image of Nigeria or Nigerians? The answer is no! However, the type of humans I have interacted with in some few days into 2022 has reminded me how some Nigerians represent the word written in Jer 17: 9–10. you might want to check it out!

Yes! Some Nigerians are evil people, especially elites, so I sometimes believe we deserve the kind of leaders Nigeria has! Yes, how do you explain the pump price of N250/litre of petrol for what is sold for N165/litre? Or how do you justify taking a dying Nigerian to a police station, and the first thing the police officer focuses on is not the dying patient but the i-phone you are holding? You are trying to see the correlation, right? that was the same thing I thought. I tried to wrap my head around this menace of a morally decadent society, and I couldn't find answers.

You'll ask yourself, what exactly works in Nigeria at the moment? I have a lot to say, but then, I'll limit myself to just the basic things Nigerians are asking!

Electricity: You know it's funny that after 61 years, we have not sorted issues with electricity in Nigeria. When exactly are we supposed to stop failing? When are we supposed to give the whole country at least 12hours of electricity every day? Many intellectuals have claimed to have answers to the numerous problems; having "Honorable" Minster Fashola in mind, he described it as if everything was sorted. You can imagine my shock when the arguments government aids have today compare the number of times the national grid collapsed in the last administration to theirs! And I ask myself, Are these guys at a loss of shame? Or they are just foolish to read the room? Men, it's an insult on the millions of Nigerians who gave votes to your masters both for the first term and the second term. Just imagine a 61-year-old man failing to understand how to put food in his mouth; well, that's the case of Nigeria, and some Nigerians are so proud to defend this shameful position. Don't forget to check on Jer 17: 9- 10.

The famous philosopher Bella shmurda said in his song "vision 2020" said everything na scam

Security: I have seen a lot of arguments concerning this topic, and I can boldly tell you again that Nigerians are very wicked! Because, how will you boldly open your gutter of a mouth to say people dying in Nigeria is a normal phenomenon? I wanted to ask this fellow, how many members of your family have you lost? Then, maybe just then, you'll understand it's not just numbers! The country has never been this bad regarding insecurity. See the global terrorism index.

Fuel: How do I want to explain to my 10-year-old sister that we run the most foolish system in Nigeria? How will a country with crude oil, the 15th country in the world in crude oil production, the raw material for petrol, aviation fuel, gas, kerosene and diesel, lack crude oil's by-products? How will I tell her that we have spent over N100bn maintaining just refineries and have not had a single drop of oil??? Man, every day you try to poke into NNPC, Duke Oil and all the shenanigans, the more you question your sanity, you too see, how will NNPC say it couldn't account for 107 million barrels of crude oil in 2019???? and no heads will roll as usual! Or you ask me, what happened to everyone involved in bringing bad fuel quality into the country? Not a single average Nigerian was involved in that deal; it's the league of the Nigerian Elites! Did any heads roll? Nope! No single punishment for bad behaviour.

Food: We used to say Nigerians are resilient people, but men have started eating dust! And I mean literally. I tell people that living "lavida loca" in Lagos does not accurately portray Nigeria. There is SAPA in the land, and well, there is rice in Kano.

Education: Who could have thought that the giant of Africa's Minister of Education is Adamu Adamu! Man, as I said earlier, the bar has been buried. If the bar still existed, we would not have the same issues plaguing the education sector since 1999—this regime's promises "Education will be our focus in our tenure, Bashir said". Well, we should have questioned further! All students under the leadership of ASUU are on strike, a recurring decimal in our history. A shame.

In all of these, where is the President, if I may ask? He has once again travelled to the UK for his regular medical check-up while the first lady also lounges on the countries' resources in faraway Dubai. A golden family, I must say.

President Buhari is waving as usual!

Are we on autopilot? I doubt it. We are actually on a free fall! Who will save us? Nigerians are very tired, businesses are failing, sources of livelihoods are eroding, and morals are getting lost.

At the end of this rant, I am sure you will also give a deep sigh when you get to the finish line. Well, is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Or does the tunnel continue?

Abeg, make I go sleep for heat. Giant of Africa don strike again.



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